Since the Trust started in 1994 we have received approximately 450 applications for items and resources of which we have funded 360.

This family could not leave their child alone because of his serious condition, now they can watch him on the video and make sure he is safe.
Thank you TTT for the video alarm monitor for our baby Torr’

All the applications were  assessed on each applicant’s individual circumstances by the Donations Committee. On average we have provided this kind of support to about 30 – 40 applicants each year in recent years. Some years have seen more than average applications but from the last Newsletter to the end of December 2011, we have received 40 applications and funded 33 of these.

The reasons why some cases are not funded can be varied. For instance, the applicant may not be from our area of operation, the items do not come under our remit or the Committee feels that the item/resource should be funded by some other organisation.

Virtually all of the income generated by the Trust is allocated to the applicants. None of our Volunteers claims any personal expenses: they all give their time for nothing.

Over the years we have funded a wide variety of items/resources. Some of these include:

  • Special buggies for children with mobility problems

  • Sun and rain canopies for buggies, these were not supplied with the buggies provided by statutory organisations

  • Special clothing

  • Sensory toys – often parents want to provide a special room for their child

  • Outdoor toys, trampolines – many children/young adults with autism or ADHD have benefitted from outdoor play

  • Fencing – often this is to keep children/young adults safe, who have no concept of danger or boundaries: The Trust gave a grant for a fence so Kelsey could go out and play in the garden and be safe

  • Computers – we do have a minimum age limit of 8 for computing equipment, as these are expensive items and we feel that there might be more appropriate equipment available

  • Information technology devices, switches – these enable children/young adults to access ICT equipment to perform tasks or play sounds

  • Car seats/liners/harnesses – these need to be specially produced to support children/young adults in a vehicle as often they cannot sit unaided or need to restrained – on the left: Cohan in his special trike provided by TTT

  • Educational equipment and toys

  • Floor covering, beds and linen – for children/young adults with multiple problems

  • Alarms and monitors for epilepsy, incontinence

  • A shed – this was to enable the family of a child with feeding problems to store all the equipment needed

  • A washing machine – the applicant’s family had no washing machine and had a child with incontinence problems. This meant they had to visit a laundry by bus

  • Special cutlery – for a child who was unable to hold conventional cutlery

The Trust will consider anything within its remit as long as it is supported by an appropriate Professional who is working with the applicant.

At present we will donate up to £300 per family per year.  This can change as the amount of money in the fund changes.  It is imperative that donations continue to be made so we can meet the demands made on us. Sometimes we are asked for the maximum amount but the smallest amount we have been asked for was in the region of £20 for some special cutlery.  In exceptional circumstances we may make a grant of more than £300.

For our terms and conditions (criteria and eligibility) please see here.


A quote from the family who received the Telescope

‘It arrived Wednesday 19th October in the afternoon they set it up that night they have had a fantastic time looking through it they have seen Jupiter up really close, it has been really good for John and his brother Daniel too as they got to spend daddy time together doing something positive so was great for their self esteem and very educational too although John knows a lot already.’